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Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring

What is an Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor?

Sometimes when people have their blood pressure taken in the doctor’s office it can be temporarily and artificially elevated in that environment. I don’t think we are that scary here at Ames Medical Services but this phenomenon is well recognized and known as ‘White Coat Hypertension’ – That’s because doctors used to always wear white coats!

An ambulatory blood pressure monitor is a little portable machine you can wear around your waist, which can be programmed to take blood pressures automatically at regular intervals. This portable device then stores these blood pressures recorded.

Why to Use Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring Device

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring allows us to see if you truly do have high blood pressure in your normal day to day life at home and at work. This is sometimes crucial for insurance purposes as you do not want to be labelled as having high blood pressure incorrectly. Even more importantly, it can tell us whether your blood pressure dips at night as it is supposed to.

The latest international blood pressure guidance advises that borderline readings that are found in the doctor’s office should be followed up with 24 hr ambulatory readings. (ambulatory just means that you are walking around or going about your normal activities as opposed to sitting at the doctor’s office)

We do accept direct referrals from other Doctors. The cost is $400 TTD and there is a refundable deposit for the machine.

To get more information on Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor at Ames Medical, call us at: +1 868 221-3983

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