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Why You May Need To Talk to Your Doctor about Switching your Blue Inhaler

The latest guidance from the Global Initiative for Asthma Control (GINA) 2022 is that your Ventolin or Salbutamol (blue inhaler) is probably not enough and almost no-one should be on this alone. The blue inhaler provides relief only. It does not prevent attacks. Most people need a preventor and a reliver, and traditionally this was […]

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Hay Fever and Oral Allergy Syndrome. What’s the link?

As a juniour doctor in Accident and Emergency MANY years ago I once had a patient come in to casualty at 3 am. This was in the middle of winter in the busiest ER in the whole of London when we were stretched to the seams. I was in  between the Heart Attacks and the […]

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May is Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month

It’s Asthma and Allergies awareness month. Some of you may be wondering how Asthma, Hay fever and Food allergies are related.  Our immune system is like an army. Any good army, needs to know how to identify the enemy and to put up a good fight. Otherwise, the army may waste energy attacking harmless “foes”, […]

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