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Sexual Health and Family Planning

Family Planning Clinic In Trinidad

Importance of Sexual Health

Starting a new or first relationship is an exciting time but we must not get so carried away that we forget to protect ourselves from unwanted Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) or unplanned pregnancies.  Your sexual health not only impacts your overall health but it also affects your mood, social life and your emotional and mental health.

By practicing safe sex, staying informed and aware of the risks involved, and knowing how to deal with them can help you maintain healthy sexual life and avoid unwanted pregnancies.

STD and STI Testing at Ames Medical

If you are sexually active and have multiple partners or if you have unprotected sex with a new partner, going through STD and STI screenings on a regular basis is a must. With increased awareness about sexual health, people have started understanding the importance of getting themselves tested.

At Ames Medical Services, full Sexually Transmitted Infection screenings are available and can be tailored to your needs.

Family Planning

Ames Medical also offers a range of Family Planning options including Long Acting reversible methods like:

  • The Depot
  • Mirena Coil Insertion
  • Copper IUD
  • Traditional methods like the combined pill and advice on how to use condoms.

To protect you against cervical cancer we also offer Human Papilloma virus Vaccinations. This consists of three vaccines over 6 months.

For STD STI Tests and Family Planning and sexual health related consultation, call us to Book an Appointment: +1 868 221-3983

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