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The Flu Shot

The Flu Jab (Influenza Vaccine)

Many of you may remember that it’s that time of year when we will start pestering some of you to come in for your ‘Flu jabs! The Human Flu virus is different to common colds in that it can cause vulnerable people to become much more unwell with high fevers and muscle aches.
The Influenza virus changes very quickly so every year scientists rush to develop a vaccine that is active against this year’s virus. This is why it is given annually.

The vaccine is an inactive vaccine (so it can’t actually cause Flu) that is particularly important to people aged 65 and older or certain groups of patients who might be particularly prone to complications (like pneumonia) if they did get the ‘Flu. This includes people with Heart and Lung disease, Diabetes and those with Kidney impairment. It is also recommended that pregnant women have the vaccination as if they get Influenza while pregnant they are more prone to complications. Other groups may wish to have the vaccine anyway to protect them against the virus.

The injection is given into a muscle in the upper arm. Some people may have some mild soreness around the injection site. This usually responds well to Paracetamol/Panadol and is temporary. People who have had a true allergic reaction to the vaccine in the past or who are allergic to eggs should not have the vaccine.

Everyone else! Line up…or call 221-5150 for your appointment.

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