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Heart Health

The Food of Love

I nearly forgot it was Valentine’s Day yesterday. With all the excitement of Carnival and then the come down that is Ash Wednesday I ran down to the corner store, half panicked to buy my husband some chocolates. It got me thinking about how chocolate became the “Food of love” and about other supposed aphrodisiacs, …

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National Impotence Day is Valentine’s Day

Forget the urban myth about the size of his shoes being an indicator of the size of his…Penis. Did you know that the penis tells you a lot about his heart health? Just like the heart needs healthy unclogged blood vessels to carry oxygen to it,  the penis needs healthy blood vessels to become erect…. …

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ECG test for heart health

Quickly Understanding the ECG Procedure

ECG or the Electrocardiogram is a painless bedside test that looks at how the electricity is conducted throughout your heart. It records the electrical signals in your heart to monitor heart health. An ECG test is conducted to investigate: 1. Palpitations2. Arrhythmias3. Chest pain4. Shortness of breath5. Hypertension ECG Procedure An ECG is simple procedure …

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