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National Impotence Day is Valentine’s Day

Forget the urban myth about the size of his shoes being an indicator of the size of his…Penis. Did you know that the penis tells you a lot about his heart health?

Just like the heart needs healthy unclogged blood vessels to carry oxygen to it,  the penis needs healthy blood vessels to become erect…. So the very same things that lead to heart disease lead to erectile dysfunction : Diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure.

That’s why we ask men about their erections during Diabetes and Cardiac consultations. His erection or lack thereof may not be due to prostate problems – it could be your earliest indicator that you need a stress test.

So, its’s not lost on me that National Impotence Day falls on Valentine’s Day – There’s a definite connection between the heart and the Penis! So if you notice a problem. Get checked today. It could save more than just  your relationship!

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