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Minor Surgery Available at Ames Medical Services

  Did you know that we do minor surgery?     If you have a lump or bump that you want removed, we can do a minor procedure under local anaesthetic, right here in our new treatment room.    We also remove ingrown toenails, abscesses and do cyst and comedone extractions too!    Have a pesky wart or verruca or skin tag that […]

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When is a Duck not a Duck? The Pitfalls of COVID-19 Testing

So, you had a cough and cold and you were worried about COVID….but you went and got a rapid test and its negative so all is good right? Wrong!  No test is perfect and this is to help you understand some pitfalls of Covid testing.   Let’s start with the rapid “blood” test. This is looking for antibodies to the […]

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Finally Some Good News: A COVID -19 Update TT

  Good News! We can isolate at home if we have COVID -19! No need to go into hospital if we are well enough to stay home.  I know this is a huge relief to all of you right? Everyone wants to be in their own bed if they are feeling under the weather! So […]

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Sleep in the time of COVID: Part 1: Struggling to Sleep

My Prescription for Sleep during the lockdown:   It can be tempting to relax our regular sleep routine while in lockdown…especially since we are not going to work, or working from home. .But this lack of, or change in routine can sometimes exacerbate insomnia. Many of us barely know what day it is far less the […]

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Sexual Health and Importance of STD and STI Testing

Sexual health is often neglected. Usually people are very shy to discuss their sexual health and talk about STDs and STIs. There is a social stigma toward the subject. But since there are 340 million cases around the world the awareness needs to increase. Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are transmitted through sexual intercourse between two […]

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