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How to be a Sleeping Beauty

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Sleep your way to weight loss, a more youthful appearance, lower blood pressure, better blood sugars, a happier mood and better memory!

Ronald Regan and Margaret Thatcher both boasted that they needed less than 4 hours sleep per night….but they both got Dementia.

Less than 6 hours good quality sleep per night is can lead to weight gain, high blood pressure, Diabetes and Dementia as well as Depression and Anxiety.  Most adults’ perfect sleep time is between 7-8 hours per night.

Far from being passive, sleep is an active process where your brain is busy eliminating toxins, repairing DNA, and backing up memories and new information you have learnt, into permanent files! If you take alcohol or sleeping tablets then your poor brain is trying to complete these tasks while drunk or sedated, so they can’t happen as well.

If you think you snore a lot or may be very sleepy during the day, then take this test to see if you may have sleep apnoea:  Epworth Sleepiness Scale (

If positive, we can help you schedule a simple at home Night Owl Test. This is a little device you wear on your finger, while you sleep.

For more general, practical help with Insomnia, take a look at these videos on our You Tube channel:

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