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The Silent Cause of Infertility in Young People

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Why should I care about Chlamydia? I have no symptoms.

Worldwide Chlamydia is the most prevalent sexually  transmitted infection (STI), and it is more common in young people. The problem can often cause no symptoms at all, so you may not know you have it. If it is around for long enough causing inflammation of your pelvis, it can lead to infertility. This is why many countries offer a Chlamydia screening program to young people so that undetected Chlamydia can be found and treated with a simple dose of antibiotics. The sooner it is treated the less likely you are to have complications like infertility.

This formal screening program is not routinely offered in T and T, but we at Ames Medical would like to start to offer this service. The test is done on a simple urine sample, and it is tested for 2 STIs, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea, another STI.  The cost is $550 and results are available in 7 working days.

If you test positive you will be offered a secure video consult at a discounted cost of $250. The aim of this  to help you understand the diagnosis, make sure there are no complications and  to make sure it is safe for you to have  treatment prescribed. We can also help you with anonymous contact tracing if you would like this done. The medication will be delivered to your home or workplace via a secure pharmacy app, MEDL. Or, you can pick up a prescription at our office and take it to a pharmacy of your choice. If you test negative we will simply E mail you your results.


If you have been sexually active and would like to take part this is completely confidential and you can call and ask Nurse Charlene to send you via email or sms a consent form and we will arrange for you to come in to pass urine. If you are not already registered with us, you will have to register to access this service.