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Why Women in T and T Should drive Electric Cars….and it’s nothing to do with being “green”

This blog’s a bit of a departure from the medical. But, I suppose it could be relevant to Womens’ Mental Health everywhere.I finally bought a fully electric car. I have been wanting one for years. That’s why my lovely VW Golf is now a well preserved 16 years old. I know it’s looking good right? Don’t say this doctor doesn’t work longevity miracles! It does have good genes though.So why fully electric? Aren’t you worried about the lack of charging ports I hear you say. No, actually that’s a plus. What about range you wonder? Well, we live on an island: I can’t go further than Icacos and I can do that on one charge.But, that’s just the start. Here are the top five reasons why all Women in Trinidad and Tobago should drive an Electric Vehicle (EV)

  • They are unlikely to steal the car because they won’t be able to charge it because there are so few chargers. I have a charger installed at home and there will soon be one in the car park at the clinic. Most of my life is spent poodling between home and the office. If there are so few chargers how are the criminals going to charge it unless they steal the charger too?
  • I don’t have to get out of my car in a gas station at night to fill up my car with all the safety issues/ grease involved.  Nor do I have to queue for gas when there is a shortage.
  • EVs are super fast – so when I hit the X my car takes off and the criminals won’t be able to catch me. According to my husband it’s like “S%^t off of Teflon”
  • I don’t ever have to see a sexist male mechanic again because the car has no engine. All I ever have to do is change the brake pads and tyres and even then the regenerative braking means less wear on them. No offence to any of my mechanic patients but I did once have a mechanic send me a video of him opening my passenger door from the inside using his little finger….This was after I complained that it was giving my passengers trouble to open. It still sometimes gives trouble…but only for women apparently.
  • My EV only costs $9-$10TTD to charge. My Golf costs $400 to fill up with the premium petrol it needs.

All they have to do now is make my car bullet proof and you have the ultimate crime safe, cheap to run, car!Now, having said all of that, I now have a very well preserved 16 year old VW GOLF FSI 1.6 petrol for sale. Mileage is low at 87,338 miles.  It had new body work and a paint job last year. Its owner is one careful “lady driver” who bought it in the UK 15 years ago, a year old, from a postman. Would suit a boy-racer who wants to convert it into a “Hot hatch”. Being male, he probably won’t have any trouble at all with the passenger door.Call me on 221-3983 if you are interested!

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